St. Sylvester's College, Kandy.

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St.Sylvester's College

Very Rev. Fr. Robert M. Perera O.S.B
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Mr TRS Meetiyagoda
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Past Principals
  • Late Rev. Fr. D. Robert M. Perera O.S.B. 1940–1949
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  • Late Mr. D. J. N. Senevirathne (M.A.Hons. (Columbia), B.A.Hons. (London), Cert. Cey. History, Trd.) 1949–1968
    Image - DJN.jpg

  • Late Mr. K. S. Gunarathne (B.A. (London) – Trained) 1968–1970
    Image - Gunarathne.jpg

  • Late Mr. W. B. Gopallawa (B.A.Hons. (London) – Trained) 1970–1976
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  • Late Mr. Bertie Niilegoda (B.Sc. (Cey.)) 1976–1995
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  • Mr. Ashoka B. Herath 1995–1998
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  • Late Mr. G. W. Abeysinghe 1998–2001
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St. Sylvester’s History

St. Sylvester’s began as a separate institution on 1 November 1940 with very Rev. Fr. D. Robert. Perera O.S.B. as the principal. The college owed its inception to the foresight of his Lordship Bishop Bernardo Regno O.S.B. and Abbot Weerasinghe, the heads of the Sylvestro-Benedictine congregation. They felt that a good catholic school in Kandy town was a prime need, once St. Anthony’s h...

College Anthem & Crest


Vision & Mission

VisionIn this rapidly changing world to be able to identify correctly the challenges and barriers in connection with socio-economic environment to act accordingly with determination, courage and skills and to be able to present a human being of great qualities to whom the whole world would salute.  Mission The intention of creating a great sylvestrian who is fully concerned of communal harmon...
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Mr Ravi Senarathna LKR 100000 SSCK 2003 batch LKR 100000 Former pres...

Donation by president
Re elected president of the SSCKOBA Mr. JG Thilakasiri has donated LKR...

ExCo 2016/18
New executive committee of SSCKOBA for the year 2016/18 was elected at...

SSCK OBA Dialog RingIn Tone
SSCKOBA official theme song (silvestharunge jaya naadaya) now availabl...

M.J.M.Azeem has donated a "CA" Cricket batting shoe pair to college cr...

Army cadet champions -2015
The Army Cadet Platoon were victroious once again at the NCC 2nd ...

Ifthar 2015
(by Naflan Mohamed) It was another significant step ahead by the SSCK...

New Vice Chancellor
Old Sylvestrian Thilak Dharmarathna has been appointed as the 1st vice...

Funeral Notice
Former Commander of Sri Lanka Navy Old Sylvestrian Admiral Jayanath Co...

Sylvestrian Darshana Rajapaksha has won Silver medal representing Sri ...